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Reading is, without a doubt, a handy way to improve one’s knowledge in various fields. As for art and fashion, there are numerous magazines out there that provide a platform for creative expression and are a wonderful source for inspiration and harnessing ideas. Articles written by established designers help open the world of design through an experienced lens, and articles written by new, bubbling, creatives allows the design scene to be expanded through innovative new constructs of the field. Not only are magazines an excellent tool for influence, but they are also a creative outlet for artistic expressions. We’ve listed some of our best reads with relation to Art and Fashion. 


A creative amalgamation between online and print media, KinFolk has been a leading lifestyle magazine since 2011. It addresses everything related to lifestyle, from interior decor to fashion, and from food to cities, it provides guides and beautifully written pieces on the website as well. 

It has articles on new and uprising artists, from Maurice harris, an upcoming floral artist to ceramist Cecile Daladier. Not only this, but KinFolk also experiments with other formats of media, dipping their toes into audio versions of their articles. This inclusivity is appreciated all around, supplying to over 100 countries, in 4 different languages. 

They also have a gallery, as a creative space in the heart of Copenhagen. Used as a place where inventive and visionary ideas are discussed, the gallery also hosts various events such as guest lectures and exhibitions, all revolving around the archetype of art and design. 

Find the way to KinFolk here


Unlike others, Selvedge only publishes six times a year, making it a magazine that is extremely looked forward to, with its limited output. However, a massive 100 pages long, it provides unparalleled content on design. It aims to promote textile design around the world. 

Created by Polly Leonard, she transformed her study of cloth and embroidery into a magazine that centres around that. With every issue, it tells stories of fabrics and textiles from all over the world, often from experiences of events that Selvedge holds as well. It has conducted virtual workshops and fairs, in some of the creative parts of the world, like the south of France

The magazine provides a creative meeting point for different artists, sharing the common love of textiles and fabric. It has a wide author range, from professional designers to textile students, making it a space full of key insights. Aside from the magazine, Selvedge also has an active blog, as an extension of the print magazine. The Selvedge community thrives alongside the blog, a creative outlet similar to the magazine. 

Find the way to Selvedge here.


Based in Bath, UK, Cereal is a travel and style magazine that caters to an international audience. With every issue, Cereal picks apart a few destinations, giving a wondrous insider point of view, in terms of local stories revolving around art and design. 

Founded first in 2012, it has now gained global reach through its audience, who love every issue, looking forward to an unexpected city and its style. Rosa and Rich, the founders, personally visit each city. They conduct interviews with local artisans and craftsmen, to gain a cultural outlook on the design industry of the city. Each issue also gives freelance writers a chance to explore their potential, publishing their short stories, essays and poems as a blossoming of the magazine. 

Recently, they took upon the theme of sustainability in volume 15. This issue ran through the arguments in favour of sustainability, explaining both the scientific and humanitarian side behind it. It also included interviews from designers, giving them a voice to explain how they practise sustainability through their work - and why this is so crucial at this time in the world. Like this, every issue also tackles a current theme and brings it to light, creating a read full of art and lifestyle in a myriad of cities. 

Find the way to Cereal here.


Frankie is an Australian based magazine that provides readers with articles and issues twice a week. It has written on photography, fashion, music, art and craft , along with other cultural and lifestyle content. An award-winning read, it won the Australian Magazine of the Year in 2012. It is also known for its diversity, uplifting artists who are in marginalised groups like women of colour and non-binary people. 

It features lots of DIY content, giving a voice and platform to home artists with their creative paths. Forming quite a feminine identity, some of their articles also tackle issues like cystic fibrosis, raising awareness about such crucial and life-changing complications. 

It also has a fun and entertaining podcast series, with designer Lisa Kerr who discusses everything art, fashion and lifestyle. Their readers expect the unexpected with every issue, finding articles that are inspiring, funny and creative. Their writers are expressive and encouraged to voice their opinion freely in the articles. 

Find the way to Frankie here.

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