Eco-friendly, Inclusive Practices

By focusing on consuming only those goods that are prepared with care and concern for our environment, we contribute to the preservation of our green cover,and diverse flora and fauna. By consuming with care, from brands that are sensitive towards the challenges faced by our ecosystems, we ensure that our environment remains youthful and ageless.

At CROW, we recycle 90% of our workshop's waste output, and reuse it sensibly and constructively.

All fabric waste is first sorted by material, colour, and quantity. Innovative designs are then made, based on the quantities of different fabrics leftover after designing our collections. These designs are then converted into shopping bags that are biodegradable, reusable, and gentle on the environment.

Unsold pieces are donated to people in need.

Our manufacturing process focuses on handcrafting eco-friendly garments and accessories for today's assertive, eco-sensitive women.