How Men Are Taking Over The Trend Of Cotton Kurtas This Navratri




Festivities are about tints and merriments in India and we Indians couldn't care less to deal with the bliss.

Navratri is one of the most recognized festivals in the country where people gather and celebrate various social occasions with their associates, family, and even colleagues. It is a festival of joy, socializing, and adding sparks to the surroundings with colorful and trendy outfits. But picking what to wear on the days and nights of Navratri is exceptionally problematic, particularly to the men.



Men’s clothing is pretty much elaborated into three main categories:

If we look at the one clothing item that men are making it work as a statement for festivals is undoubtedly Kurtas. It has evolved from basic daily wear apparel to a comfortable and stylish festive piece. Over the past few years, men’s drastic likely nature towards the cotton kurta is hot piping to talk about.



Natural and soothing cotton material has picked up prevalence throughout the decades, due to its practical method of creation. By following supportable cultivating techniques, natural cotton is developed simply with no biochemical alterations and synthetic compounds like pesticides.

Cotton is delicate, permeable, and breathable. Labels containing 60% cotton are viewed as cotton-rich and are less likely to be bothersome, aggravating, or tenacious. Cotton inhales in a way that is better than synthetic textures like polyester.

Kurtas produced using natural materials, for example, cotton can forestall the water you drink from being contained. Also, it is not canvassed in pesticides that can have a drastic effect on the climate.

Having apparel that does less stress to the climate can improve your emotional wellness from numerous points of view. If you are someone who is continually stressing over the climate change and environment issue, in this meantime, having attire that is demonstrated to have less of an effect in the degradation can give you some significant serenity.



Taking into consideration how adaptable the traditional cotton kurta for man is, the choices are boundless. It is established in conventional menswear. An ideal mixture of style and solace this quintessential outfit has been changed in numerous Indo-western outlines by pro-Indian originators. A few styles are normal, and you can wear them anyplace and wherever without giving a thought while others are bold and bright giving the best festive vibes.

From embroidery to plain block designs, the cotton kurtas are making its way to every men’s wardrobe simply considering the following reasons:



Cotton kurtas are usually known to be skin-friendly. They are

  • Non-irritants
  • High-weight fabrics
  • Allows the skin to breathe and relax; keeping the blood circulation in place

Cotton is also known to absorb sweat and block body odors.



No one wants to carry an outfit that isn’t comfortable while performing Garba or Dandiya. Cotton kurtas are naturally lightweight and easy to carry. Moreover, they have a lesser tendency to get wrinkled as compared to other fabrics.



 Cotton fabrics do not stretch when they are washed and are very convenient to iron. The fabric is easy to maintain unlike chiffon, silk, and other synthetic fabrics.



Men are not perfect matchmakers when it comes to pairing their outfits together. Cotton Kurtas are more like a statement piece in itself- soft, comfy, bright, and simple. One can literally pair it down with chinos, churidar pants, aligarh pajamas, trousers, and dhoti.

Dressing it up with a basic Nehru jacket, a Chinese collar jacket, or experimenting with Indo-western style jackets is also a quick and easy option.


Considering all the above factors, we are sure of the fact that the men are taking over in the ongoing trend this festive season. So, what’s your reason- Comfort, style, breathable fabric, or choice in colors?


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