Karolina Skorka Illustrator, based in Poland.

Karolina Skorka Illustrator, based in Poland.


Karolina lived near a beautiful forest of Lower Silesia of Poland until she was 10, where she spent every spare moment, sometimes with friends and family but mostly alone sitting on a great oak and thinking (now she knows she was meditating), looking for animals to take care of and drawing on the walls of her room. 

She moved with her family to the city of  Wrocław wherein age of 16 she found a best friend, love of her life and later father to her two Elves. 

She is a self-taught artist. Currently, she works as a freelance illustrator and administrative assistant.

The forest that she left almost 30 years ago is still a part of her, gives her a sense of peace and security now whee lives in a big city. This experience deeply influenced her passion for simplicity, for a taste of solitude in her art, and attraction to small things in life that many people overlook.

Karolina’s illustrative work is inspired by "little things", the beauty of daily routines and her way of seeing fashion and interiors. 

Her interpretation of some workspaces, dining rooms, dressing tables, plants in homes, always accompanied by a simple line but full of details and sensitivity, transports you to those places that she describes with each of her illustrations. 

She uses pastel colour strokes within its minimalist style never fail to inspire, it is a great proof that good design “should be as simple as possible”. 

She draws details of the textures in fashion garments that can almost be felt with the fingertips.


At, crow, we collaborate with artists from across the globe. She has made beautiful illustrations for us. You can check her work https://www.instagram.com/k.a.r.o.l.inka/?hl=pl

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