Crow & the Community

Our team believes in creating fashion with sustainability and sensitivity. We strongly believe in inclusive development, and in caring for the community that lives and works around us.

CROW strives towards preserving the environment's serenity and green cover, by reducing carbon emissions in our own small way. We do not use heavy power consuming machinery at our workshop. Nor does our shop-floor emit pollutants into the atmosphere. The air around where we work is consequently, fresh and clean, making the area ambient for our artisans to work in.

Our eco-friendly design philosophy extends beyond the development and packaging process. Some of the leftover fabric from garment manufacturing is used to design CROW cloth bags and token gifts. The remaining is distributed among underprivileged members of the community, in the form of layered blankets, to keep themselves and their young ones safe from the biting winter winds.

When you invest in timeless CROW outfits, you do your bit for the environment and the community; an action befitting a heart as pure as yours.