Team Crow


At the World of CROW, we’re a close knit team that functions like a family. We relate to one another at a personal level, and share a common creative wavelength, in spite of our varying educational and socio-cultural backgrounds.

CROW is a label that believes in empowering women, and keeping traditional Indian artisanship alive by encouraging and appreciating its intrinsic value and beauty.

Meet Team CROW…

*Note: In native many Indian languages, ‘behen’ refers to ‘sister’, and ‘bhai’ refers to ‘brother’. These terms are used extensively as means to address one’s colleagues.

Neela Behen, 37

Neela behen is a cheerful, fun-loving woman who lives with her mother and sister. She has an inspiring zest for life, and very positive outlook towards work in general. Neela behen is a seamstress of unparalleled calibre, and she loves it that at CROW she gets to experiment with various embroidery styles and designs. She loves it when she’s given responsibilities, and enjoys the financial independence that her job at CROW gives her.

Daksha Behen, 36

Daksha behen hails from a typical Gujarati joint family, where all the family members contribute to bringing home the bread. Women in her family are encouraged to work in safe, respectable environments. She tells us she likes working here because it gives her independence, and makes her feel respected in society. She likes the work atmosphere at CROW because her colleagues are understanding, and because it is easy for her to communicate her ideas in her local language.

Sonal Sandhi, 29

Sonal Sandhi is one of the breadwinners in her family of seven. Having worked at various places over the last few years, Sonal feels well-settled, and at home in the CROW workshop. She likes the relaxed work vibe sans the pressure of strict deadlines, especially because she’s a perfectionist who likes to take her time finishing each product. The financial independence that this job has given her has made her resolve to continue working even after she’s married.

Safik Patel, 33

Safikbhai is an experienced textile worker, who’s been in the field for more than 12 years. In the last 3 years that he’s spent working at CROW, what he loves most is the relaxed work vibe, which is very unlike the norm at workshops in India. Safikbhai tells us that he in fact enjoys dealing with the ups and downs of day-to-day work, and sees small issues as challenges to win over.

MohsinMev, 33

Mohsinbhai has been working at CROW since the past 2 years, but he’s been in this industry for over 15. He revels in the hustle bustle and activity that each work day brings along. He feels that the best part about working at CROW is the pronounced lack of a boss–employee hierarchy. This makes Mohsinbhai feel respected, and brings out the best in him. Because the work at CROW doesn’t eat into is whole day, he’s now planning to start a small business on the side, after hours.

Salman Ansari, 25

Salman is only 25, but he’s got ten years of tailoring experience behind him, because he started working in the field when he was just 15. He’s been with CROW since the last 3 years. After work, he runs a home shop to practice his skills and sharpen them. He dreams of owning his own design studio someday, and wishes he’d studied a little more. A guy with tremendous potential, and an unmistakeable zest for life, he’s very popular at the workshop.

Ismail Bhai, 58

Ismail bhai is one of the friendliest, most humble human being ever, in spite of having years of experience to his name. He’s been at CROW since the past two and a half years, but, Ismail bhai has been working with garments ever since he was 12. He loves the atmosphere of the workshop, and feels at home here.

Iqbal Sheikh, 39

Iqbal bhai is your typical family man, He has a small, close knit family that he loves to spend time with. At CROW, we try not to make him work over time, but we’ve noticed that he quite enjoys it. Iqbal bhai has about 17–18 years of work experience in this field, and in the 3 years that he’s been with CROW, he’s managed to become one of our most trustworthy staff members. He takes pride in the perfection with which he makes each garment; for him, work truly is worship.

Asif Ansari, 26

Asif comes from a family of tailors and textile craftsmen, who have all played their part in acquainting him with the nuances of garment construction since he was a child. He’s been with CROW since the past three and a half years. Asif is an expert artisan; we think the craft is in his blood. At the same time, he’s not at all a morning person, and every once in a while, he’ll promptly take a day off to catch up on his sleep. After hours, he helps his father with small tasks. Someday he wishes to start his own business.

Javed Qureshi, 24

An integral part of CROW since the last 3 years, Javed is an introvert who wasn’t very excited about introducing himself. He’s one of the most hardworking artisans on the shop-floor, and truly loves to work. He hardly takes a day off, and is almost always on time.

Siraj Shaikh, 29

Siraj is yet another one of our very hardworking introverts. He hardly ever speaks to anyone on the shop floor unless necessary, but he’s been with CROW since the last two and a half years. He tells us that he loves the work atmosphere here, and appreciates the work hours that allow him to spend time with his beloved family. Siraj says he wants to be a partof CROW for the foreseeable future.

Saif Patel, 20

Saif has been working in this field as an artisan for about 8 years, and he’s been with CROW for 2 years now. Saif is your classic workaholic. He won’t take a holiday unless we insist! His strong work ethic and love for artisanship reflects in the garments he delivers.

Mohsin Shaikh, 30

Mohsinbhai has been working as an artisan for about 13 years, and he’s been with CROW since the last 3 years. A friendly, good natured, family man, who enjoys being part of a typical Indian joint family, Mohsinbhai is a great conversationalist and he’s also very hard-working. He takes pride in the work he does at CROW, and loves that we care about the environment.

Irfan Khan, 30

Irfan bhai has been with CROW for the past 4 years. He’s very fond of travelling, and works very hard at the workshop. He loves the work process and system at CROW, because it gives him the opportunity to learn a lot of new things. He’s a champion of women empowerment, and admires how Ms Shaila runs the show.

Inayat Bhai, 24

Inayat bhai is a short tempered young man with a strong work ethic and integrity. He’s very hands on with whatever task he picks up, has great managerial skills, and a hidden humorous streak that he seldom lets out. What he likes most about working at CROW is the friendly outlook of his colleagues. Inayat bhai is fairly new at CROW, having been here for just a little over 6 months.


Sheetal Patel, 22

Sheetal has been with CROW for the past 8 months. She’s a fun-loving married young lady, with a cheery disposition and chirpy outlook. Sheetal manages work around the workshop and studio adeptly, and likes taking up new projects and assignments proactively. She loves the friendly approach of her seniors at CROW, and the relaxed work environment.

Nisha Dudiya, 21

Nisha has only been with CROW since a month. She looks after production at the studio, and also oversees communications. Nisha loves the creative, easy-going vibe at CROW, and appreciates the flexible work hours. She also likes that employees and craftsmen are allowed to work without time limits, restrictions, and tight deadlines.