Everyday Classics

Everyday Classics is a refined version of day to day wear essential clothing. It accentuates classic styles with elaborative styling elements, in solid foundational shades of antique-whites, Pure blacks, sweet lilacs and yellows. Garments are constructed from lightweight pure cotton fabrics with rustic woven details, in designs which are friendly to all body types. 

The textiles incorporated for this collection are handcrafted responsibly: Made in an ethical weaving cluster that uses ecologically grown cotton. The minimum amount of dyes used for maximum benefits for the Mother Earth. Skin-friendly apparels for you to let you go by the day effortlessly. This collection fits right for everyday home wear, casual outings, travelling or work wear.

This collection is designed for enhanced functionality. The silhouettes are contemporary in line with Indian-inspired tailoring. Relax-fitted tunics and shirts, loosely fitted bottoms co-ordinated with comfortable trapeze silhouettes are exclusively handcrafted with our environment-friendly pure cotton fabrics, made by the skilled weavers of India.