Harvest Moon

Shot in a small village amidst Bevel and Gestel in the Antwerp province of Belgium, our collection, Harvest Moon, promotes trans-seasonal dressing. A series of clothes that last beyond seasons and timelines: Longer sleeves, Midi lengths, and higher necklines co-ordinated with comfortable trapeze and boxy silhouettes are exclusively handcrafted with our ecological organic cotton fabrics, made by the skilled weavers of India. These pure cotton, biodegradable fabrics keep your skin fresh and gentle, elevating resistance throughout the day. Handcrafted in supple antique-whites, monochrome combinations and faded blues, this collection is ideal for your everyday workwear, comfortable travelling, formal gatherings or day to day wear. 

Organic cotton fabric has a luxurious texture with a breathable weave. It has amicable properties that keep you warm in the winters and cool in the summers. Hand-dyed in a chemical-free process, this fabric will keep your skin away from allergies and skin reactions.