Shibui Sets

Each piece from the Shibui'18 collection is designed to be timeless, keeping simplicity and ease of movement in mind;

Craftsmanship and functionality have been combined to produce nostalgic silhouettes with intricate hand detail, creating different forms that walk the fine line between elegance and roughness, spontaneity and restrain... 

Shibui'18 from CROW is an elegant interpretation of shibusa aesthetics through a careful collaboration with nature, making every piece unique.


We have dyed this entire collection in hues of natural indigo, to really establish that special raw connect with nature. Your outfit will very likely fade onto your body after a long day of wearing it, imbuing your skin with its healing properties. We have deliberately refrained from using colour fasteners to ensure that the Shibui'18 collection delivers these results.


Over consequent washes, your outfit will fade to a much lighter shade of indigo, without actually looking faded. This unique characteristic of the natural indigo dye is the best reason to invest in a CROW outfit from the Shibui'18 shelves.