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The lazy river is a wearable interpretation of being in a relaxed and reflective mood.

Shot in the landscapes of Taipei, this timeless women's collection embodies the essence of traditional handwoven organic cotton fabric dyed in natural/azo-free dyes celebrating extra weft weaving technique ethically made by the weavers of Gujarat. These ethically made silhouettes reduce the emission of carbon footprints which takes you closer to earth-friendly clothing. Made from 100% cotton, they protect your skin and elevate comfort. 

Our eco- friendly women's collection consists of our very own very mustard, blacks, pastel pinks, off whites colours making you feel cool during summers and cosy during the winters. Our silhouettes are made to elevate ease at all times. Tunics, easy shirts, summer dresses and basic drawstring pants.

Made for summer, Introducing an array of essential clothing, eco-friendly breathable dresses, pants, tunics. Designed for the day to day wear which can be worn for your travel, outdoor gathering, casual meets.