Our autumn collection "Play" is an ode to free-spirited, easy-going, multi-tasking women who can work ambitiously, lounge freely & play sportingly without any sense of despair. A wanderlust oriented collection putting together punchy colours and patterns with a thorough modern twist. We have staged perky clothing along with meticulous emphasis on craftsmanship. A stack of baggy & barrel fit pull-on trousers, sporty bombers, gathered dresses that harmonize with skillful japanese boro technique of patchwork which brings out the essence of Play. This collection is uniquely craft-spirited and accentuates a galore of handwoven textiles ethically produced in various clusters of India. Peppy & exciting colours like Fuschia pinks, illuminating yellows, taupe browns and sage greens are fused with dainty handstitched details which emphasize the garment on various levels. Designed with a stagnant focus on utmost comfort, this collection is multi-eventful- wear these as smart casuals, athleisures or for your rejuvenating holidays.