Is it safe to shop for products online?

There are no defined restrictions dictated by WHO regarding shopping products online. For further information, you can review the FAQs on COVID-19 at this link


Are you open to take online orders on your website? 

We are open to taking orders on our website.


How prompt will be the delivery of my order?  

Since our operations were shut for 2 months, we will start to send our old orders first, however, we target to ship all the orders at the earliest. We will keep you updated over email. 


Why is there a delay in the delivery of my order?

It's our aim to ensure all the orders reach on time, however, our city has been under strict lockdown, we expect the operations will open on 1st of June, 2020, once we reopen it will be our priority to ship all the orders. 

Can I pick up my order from the courier office?

We will inform you over an email, once it's safe to pick up the parcels from the courier office and once the courier offices are open to the public. 

 Have you extended your online return policy?

We have extended our returns policy to 30 days.


How will you ensure the safety and security of my order?

All our courier partners are following all the rules and regulations adapting to the changing times. They will deliver the parcel at your doorstep, and the delivery is contactless. You won’t need to sign while receiving the parcels. 

  Will my order be safe and hygienic?

In these changing times, we at Crow have been trying to adapt as briskly and promptly as we can to ensure a safe working place for our team. We reassure you that we are making the health and wellbeing of our team our priority whilst continuing to serve our customers’ needs. All the packages will be packed hygienically and will be sanitised before sending out.


Can I still order on Cash on delivery?

Yes, you can order on Cash on Delivery. 

  How are you protecting your team?

We are following all norms of social distancing and using the official guidelines given by the government of India at our warehouse. This ensures that the utmost care is taken by our team to handle each parcel. Our team members work a minimum distance of 2 metres from one another, wear protective gloves and practice all recommended measures of sanitisation and enhance cleaning in our premises 

Are the stores where you supply open for a visit?

Yes all the stores are now open, however we recommend you to call the store before visiting.

Are you helping the community in any way?

We will be distributing cotton masks to the needy people in our vicinity.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can get in touch with customer care here. There might be a delay in response, however, we will cater to everyone as promptly as we can. We thank you for your support and patience.