We take whole-sale orders. 

Our collection is available in 9 countries. 

We at crow design minimal sustainable clothing. We believe in a simple, honest approach to silhouettes giving utmost importance to the comfort of the wearer, offering a classic collection that celebrates easy dressing. We design our clothes with meticulous attention to detail. Every dress is made with impeccable quality, using our finest handwoven textiles, designed in harmony with nature. One of the fundamental values for us at Crow is to create a timeless collection. We attempt to engage in mindful manufacturing across the different processes. 

We are a team of 25, our production is done in our studio in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. 


Our Textiles 

We take pleasure in designing our textiles. All our fabrics are Handwoven in different parts of India. We try to only work with fair-trade, cooperatives and NGOs for our weaving, printing and dyeing. 


Our Quality 

  • All our garments are carefully stitched by our bespoke team of "Karigars" who are trained to give the best fit keeping in mind the ergonomics of the body, These garments are stitched with utmost care, later they are hand finished by our team of women. All the garments go through stringent inspection procedures.
  • Each sample is photographed in different parts of the world on different body types to show the versatility of our dresses.


Our Ethics 

  • Children are prohibited to work at our workshop. 
  • We strictly follow the working hours of the workshop, incase of overtime we make sure our "karigars" are reimbursed. 
  • The salary is paid on time.
  • There is no force of labour.
  • There is no work given to be done at home.
  • There is leave on public holidays.
  • The health and safety of our employees is taken care of.
  • There is no discrimination done on the basis of caste/religion.
  • Every employee is allowed their freedom of speech. 
  • A code of conduct is followed which is friendly and respectable.
For more details regarding wholesale price, timeline.
Email us at: shaila@worldofcrow.com, business@worldofcrow.com.