Set - Striped Pants and Indigo Top

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Dark indigo stripes alternate with subdued grey columns in a pair of straight pants with a deep blue cotton tie-up belt in the front and a soft concealed elastic at the back.

A long light indigo kurta style top designed to drape loosely on your body, casually flattering your curves as you go on about your day. This top has been constructed to embody the soft caress of nature while blending demurely with your surroundings.

This set is a moment of stolen serenity in the midst of the chaos of daily life.

Designer's Note: This set has been dyed in a light to dark intensity indigo, keeping in mind its propensity to fade, not only when you wash it, but also as you wear it. Indigo dyes are especially beneficial for the skin, and because our dyes are natural, they can easily be scrubbed off when you shower. It's almost like wearing an organic body pack.