Last year we shot our SS24 collection at Joshua Tree House designed and created by Sara & Rich Combs.

As a team we went there for a work trip and came out enriched by the experience we had while we worked and stayed there. 

Also, we hadn’t expected the photos to come out as good as they did. We realized that the reason was the vibrant colors of the clothes that define our SS24 collection that were standing out over the monochromatic desert in the background. 

The garments that make SS24 are made with soft cotton fabric, which makes it very light and easy to wear and carry around. Also, because of the lightness of the fabric you won’t feel hot or suffocated in the clothes. 

Joshua Tree House is a vacation home in the middle of the desert and it has its own charm & identity and still it blends with nature due to how it’s made. In the same way, our Spring Summer collection is designed in a way that it will blend with nature and you will still stand-out in those clothes making your photos look good. 

When it comes to styling, these garments are made keeping in mind the different ways you can style your clothes by layering it up depending on the time of the day. For example, during the afternoon the sun is overhead, so you can easily pair it with your favorite hat; in the night when it gets chilly you can layer it up with a coat or a sweater and still look good. 

Our clothes like ‘Oversized Cloud Dress’ or ‘Zebra Stroll Pants’ can also be worn on top of your bikini or swimsuit. And our staples like ‘Whimsy Doodle Polka Skirt’ can be worn two to three in a single trip by styling it differently each time you wear it. 

So, it’s easy to say that the SS24 collection would be the ideal capsule wardrobe for you this summer season.