About Us

About us 

Handwoven with Pride: Our Commitment to Craftsmanship

Crow is a women-owned brand started in 2011 by Shaila Khubchandani, who loves textiles and appreciates the beauty and skill of handwoven fabrics. After years of traveling and learning about traditional textile techniques, Shaila wanted to share these unique and beautiful fabrics with the world.

Crow is committed to sustainability, using handwoven fabrics because they are eco-friendly. Our textiles are made by local weavers and are biodegradable. We aim to work in an environmentally conscious way, reducing our carbon footprint. Our designs reflect our wish to give back to the earth, creating timeless pieces in harmony with nature.

The crow, like all birds, is seen as a messenger between the physical and spiritual worlds. It symbolizes magic, creation, and nighttime energy. This connection inspires our brand, driving our commitment to creativity and sustainability.


We create clothing for women who value comfort, art, and conscious choices. Committed to fair trade, sustainability, and inclusivity, we use handmade fabrics from handloom clusters across India. Our goal is to showcase Indian heritage art and support the small-scale handloom industry globally.

Our fabrics are eco-friendly, ethically made, and have a minimal carbon impact.


We aim to elevate the handloom industry and create a space for ethical and eco-friendly clothing in the fashion world. Our ultimate goal is to establish a carbon neutral organization, where minimizing our impact is a key part of our business.

Committed to inclusivity, we offer fashion for all body types from XXS to 4X, mastering each size.


we believe that social responsibility is a vital aspect of sustainability. We are dedicated to supporting small businesses and artisans who preserve traditional techniques and use natural materials.

By collaborating with our partners, we aim to promote economic development and social stability in the communities that rely on these skills.


I value simplicity and sophistication. My focus is on using traditional textiles from different regions of India to create contemporary designs. A perfect balance between ease, style and fashion, honouring the comfort of the wearer while embracing the rawness of exquisite craftsmanship.

Harbouring the community and the natural resources, has been one of my core values that run through every process of making the collection.
My ultimate goal is to be a leading force in responsible and sustainable fashion for years to come.

Shaila Khubchandani.