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Our women artisans artistically handcraft to enhance our designs.

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Organic Cotton

Our farmers still grow and pluck organic cotton using the conventional methods which are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizer thereby avoiding toxic wastes.

Our Story

Organic clothing was the norm in India, for eras on end, before natural fabrics got traded in for synthetic quick-fixes. Now, more than half a century after the khadi revolution in India, new life is being breathed into organic clothing, crafted from manually harvested organic cotton, handwoven using traditional methods, and coloured in soothing, elemental hues, using natural, chemical-free dyes.

When you wear eco-friendly garments that uplift the community and preserve the environment, you truly take a stand for what you believe in. Bio-degradable cotton and linens are gentle on the environment, and on your skin.

Explore the intricacies of hand-woven organic fabrics finished with lovely hemlines and elegant thread-work, and fall in love with printed organic cotton and khadi garments all over again.

Crow is an expression of your inner beauty, a reflection of your care and concern for the environment and the community at large, woven into aesthetically pleasing cotton garments with minimalistic forms, precise cuts, and subtle patterns.

Our collection is a poem in natural fibres; women’s clothing imbued with the Zen-like qualities of serenity and calm.

Our handmade dresses, handwoven tunics are epitomes of mindfulness in manufacturing, across processes. Every time you buy Indian cotton dress from us, you take a stand in favour of sustainable, inclusive living that uplifts the lives of skilled artisans and farmers.