Bulk/Wholesale Orders

The garments we create at Crow are a symbol of the diversity and inclusivity we practice. All our silhouettes are designed for women around the world, with lovely clients from the far east coasts of Japan, Korea, Hong Kong all the way over to the scenic alps of Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, as well as the far west like the US and the Middle East. Our celebration of handmade textiles extends all over the world, rejoicing in the shared admiration for sustainable fashion. 

Over the years, we’ve built beautiful relationships with our clients that we keep very close to our hearts. Many of our clients that have their own concept stores and boutiques love stocking Crow, helping us spread slow fashion as a means of living in various different cities of the world. Our clothes are designed with a creative process that encompasses minimal and sustainable clothing. Our silhouettes are relaxed-fit with love for delicate details and vibrant colors that rest elegantly on the finest handwoven textiles. 

Our team of 25 manages the production and studio in Ahmedabad, India. We work dedicatedly with fair-trade organizations and NGOs to source ethical handwoven fabric that supports sustainable and organic farming. We also have a subsidiary office in New Jersey, USA. 

  • We ensure that our garments are designed with respect to the environment. Our fabric is sourced from the best artisans of India that carefully work the handloom to create handwoven textiles. 
  • Our clothing is skillfully stitched by our talented team of ‘Karigars’ in our workshop. We provide a safe, healthy and positive environment for our team, who are trained to understand the artistry behind stitching garments to perfection. 
  • Our team of women add their creative touch by finishing each garment by hand, which is then inspected carefully before shipping. 
  • We make a conscious effort to photograph our clothing on models of all skin colors and body sizes to show our support for body positivity and the versatility of Crow garments. 


Ordering In Bulk FAQs


What qualifies as a bulk/wholesale order?

We accept more than 30 pieces as a bulk order. 


How do I get a price quote?

To know more about the pricing of bulk orders, please write to us at business@worldofcrow.com. We will get back to you soon with more information. Kindly include the information below so we can assist you better.

  • The particular designs you are interested in, or a URL from our website. 
  • The fabric type, color-way, and the quantity of your order. 
  • An address for the shipping. 
  • An estimate of when you would like to receive the order.  
  • If you have any future plans of re-ordering. 
  • Information about your store or website.

How do you process the orders?

Following our sustainable practices, we custom make all orders once your order has been confirmed. However, if you wish to change measurements or are interested in a different fabric, we will be able to custom-build your order. 


How do I place an order?

After confirming your bulk order, kindly lookout for an email with a proforma invoice regarding the advance payment. As soon as we receive the advance, we will begin working on your order! 


How long does it take to process the order? 

Our processing time varies depending on the quantity. Once we have an estimate, one of our executives will share the lead time with you. As soon as the order is ready to be shipped, we will do so after the pending payment is completed. 


Who are our shipping partners?

Our worldwide shipping partner is FedEx Couriers. 

For easier transactions for our European and American clients, we have helpful contacts with agents that guide us through the process. All the certifications (certifications of origin, CEPA, etc.) that will be needed will also be provided by us. 

We keep a keen eye on our media channels, so feel free to contact us with anything that we can help you with. Our customer service is excellent with prompt communication. 

General Questions


How long does it take to manufacture the bulk/wholesale order?

While all our production depends on the quantity, we would estimate a month or two in general. 


Do you accept domestic bulk orders?

Yes, our production caters to domestic bulk orders too. 


Do you accept international bulk orders?

Yes, our production caters to international bulk orders as well.  


Do you send dress samples?

We would be happy to send you our dress samples. Kindly contact us for more information regarding the pricing. 


Do you send fabric samples?

We would be happy to send you our fabric samples. Kindly contact us for more information regarding the pricing. 


Can I visit your studio and make a selection?

Yes, we would love for you to take a look! 


Can you make the order, according to our required measurements?

Absolutely, we can customize your orders to your liking. 


Do you offer embroidery or any other customization services on your dresses?

Yes, we do customize as per request. Please write to us at business@worldofcrow.com.


Can I bulk order dresses that are out of stock?

If you like a dress that is displayed as out of stock, we could reproduce the design. Please write to us at business@worldofcrow.com.


Can I return my bulk order?

Following our motto to be a sustainable fashion brand, we do not accept returns or exchanges as it contributes significantly to our carbon footprint.


Shipping / Delivery


Which courier service do you use to send bulk/wholesale orders? How many days does it take for the delivery? 

Our delivery partner is FedEx. Once your order is ready to be shipped from our studio, it usually takes a week. However, if you would like it urgently, we can send it across via priority shipping at an additional cost. 


Can I use my courier account for bulk orders?

Yes, you can use your courier account for the delivery. 


Can I pick up my bulk/wholesale order from your studio in Ahmedabad, India?

Yes, you can pick up your bulk order from our studio. Please make an appointment at business@worldofcrow.com to book a slot. 




Do you offer discounts? What is the percentage of the discount?

All our bulk orders offer discounts. Depending on the quantity you order, we’ll calculate a suitable discount. Please write to us for more details at business@worldocrow.com. 


How can I pay for my order?

Because of the nature of bulk orders, we only accept bank transfers.


Are there any transaction fees while making the payment?

We do not charge any bank/payment fees for bulk orders. 


Do you charge GST/sales tax on bulk orders?

We charge GST for all domestic orders; we do not charge GST for international orders. 


For more details, please email us at hello@worldofcrow.com