New Arrivals

Comfort that is elevated and colors that are animated - our new arrivals evoke a spirit of pleasure and peace. Our signature silhouettes that embody easy dressing are ever-present, with new designs and styles to complement them.

Making hand-woven cotton the star of this collection, we have carefully developed offbeat jackets, classic dresses, relaxed pants, and essential coats colored with natural dyes that radiate vibrancy. Extending our style to hair accessories, our colorful cotton scrunchies are refreshing and iconic statement pieces that add a touch of allure and charm to any look. Completing the 2020 facade with a face mask, our breathable cotton masks serve to frame the look by uniting elegance, comfort, and safety.

With a piece for every season and every occasion, our new arrivals answer to every modern style wish. Shop our new arrivals made using organic materials and sustainable practices here.