Sadik Patel

36 yrs | Pattern Maker

Sadik is our most passionate pattern cutter. He has been working since the inception of our company. He's a big fan of old Bollywood songs and never misses an opportunity to play games on his phone during his break time.

It is always great to see him around, he is so lively and cheerful. He hardly takes a day off from work and considers the company as his second home. Luckily, we have a lot of people like him in the team, who are dedicated to their work and give it their best!



Mohsin Mev

37 yrs | Pattern Maker

Part of the Crow family for the past 4 years, Mohsin master as he is known on-floor is the most keen learner. Apart from cutting, he is very interested in educating himself, staying up-to-date with the latest information. Active in stock trading, he is a fun father to his two beautiful daughters. He appreciates the working atmosphere and the team unity of the company. 


Irfan Khan

34 yrs | Maker

Irfan has been an integral part of the Crow family since its inception. He feels he has been blessed with the most amazing peers. His favorite movie genre is comedy and travels whenever he gets an opportunity. He proudly states that women empowerment is at the crux of Crow with females engaged in almost every department. 



Siraj Shaikh

32 yrs | Maker

Introvert by nature, Siraj excels in one-liner jokes. He is sincere towards his work and concentrates on the completion of garments with utmost finishing. He compliments the financial aids provided by the company. He likes being around his team mates and lively atmosphere on the floor. 



Iqbal Shaikh

44 yrs | Maker

Iqbal is one of our most versatile members, he can take up any task with ease. He is kind hearted and always ready  to help others. He highly appreciates the working hours as he gets to maintain a work-life balance. He prefers listening to songs while working and keeping the atmosphere joyous.



Salman Ansari

29 yrs | Maker

Salman is one of the most sharp and skilled makers. With a decade of experience in this field, he masters perfection in every piece that he makes. He really likes that each day he gets to learn something new. He absolutely savors the tea made at the unit and enjoys his break time singing songs in his own distinctive tone. Every evening, he is excited to play his toddler after getting back home.  


Mohsin Shaikh

32 yrs | Maker

Mohsin is a dedicated and a hard working man, part of a close-knit family he loves spending time with them. He loves to indulge in sports activities in his free time. Lunch time is his best part of the day as everybody eats together and shares a positive energy. He appreciates the fact that all Crow members are ever ready to help one another and promote a multicultural environment. 



Javed Qureshi

29 yrs | Maker

Javed is another young introvert member in our team, he wasn't very excited about introducing himself. The sustainable packaging received by the customer is neatly packed by him. He is a shy person who loves singing. Javed is hard-working and never backs off at any task assigned to him.



Ismail Padaya

51 yrs | Maker

One of the most senior members in our team, Ismail is best at what he does. He has been with Crow since the very beginning. His passion towards stitching can clearly be seen with the finesse he brings out in every garment. Ismail is polite, hard-working and very helpful in the hour of need. He is fond of gardening and takes care of the plants at our work unit.  


Nalin Tankariya

56 yrs | Maker

As the most senior member of our team, Nalin comes with extraordinary work experience in his field. He appreciates the fact that he gets to learn new things at the workplace and that the management is taken care of with great efficiency. Nalin is a regular when it comes to health and fitness. He practices Yoga and spreads awareness at the unit to practice it. 



Iqbal Shaikh

40 yrs | Maker

Iqbal is working with Crow for the past 2 years and has become an integral part of the family. He runs his own switching shop at home after work to practice his skill and gain more expertise. He has a high opinion about the management team and other staff. He loves spending time with his children, playing and story telling them.    



Fareeda Shaikh

53 yrs | Ironer

Working with Crow for the last 4 years, Fareeda is the ever smiling face of our team. For her, age is no bar and takes up each task with full zeal. She is fond of talking and sharing her life experiences. She enjoys learning the English language and very sportingly uses the same in her daily life. Fareeda is an amazing cook and a very lovable person to be around with.