Few Of Our Favourite Handcrafted Brands From All Over The World

Some of our favorite brands around the world that we’ve found that truly cherish artistic heritage, preserving the skill of hand-made products and design traditions. These include brands that provide high-quality products, as each hand-crafted product item is understood for the great value it holds. These products are crafted with creativity and originality, built to last. When buying handmade products, you also enjoy the satisfaction of supporting local artisans and their traditional craft.  


Taking inspiration from an island in Spain known as Mallorca, this brand is developed by Irene Peukes. Specifically in the region called ‘Pla’, she derives excellent artistic concepts through the deeply rooted crafts of that region.

Running on the ideology of ‘more hands, less machines’, Irene’s brand is genuinely conscious of creating handcrafted shoes and dresses. She also works in Bangladesh, sourcing materials and skilled artisans; from there, who create shoes individually, by hand. This results in shoes that are created with immense attention to detail, in an ethical and sustainable fashion. 


Arpana Rayamajhi

Born and raised in Nepal, Arpana brings a bit of herself through her Nepali heritage in the label. Her primary study being painting and sculpture progressed into a jewellery brand in 2014. 

With unique necklaces that reflect nature, from designs of tulips, the beauty of tartans and scenes from the sea through seashell designs, Arpana embraces nature in all of her pieces. She uses a variety of materials, like beads, seashells and stones to create fusion jewellery that stands out.


Feit Footwear

Revolving around the mindset of sustainability, Feit shoes are made using 100% biodegradable materials by individual workers. These hand-made shoes are created in a workspace that has a low environmental impact, and without the use of artificial chemicals and substances. 

All shoes are hand-stitched, keeping in mind the vision to produce as little waste as possible. Some of the natural materials include rubber, cork and bamboo. These materials are not only an eco-friendly option but also help in creating shoes that are sturdy and last for years. They are hand-stitched without the use of machines to help reduce the amount of waste produced by the factory.

With only a limited number of footwear created at a time, these are meant for longevity and a step towards a future of quality.