Face Masks

A concerted effort to protect the spread of the virus, these reusable face masks are an understated ode to minimalistic hand embroidery, traditional block-printing, and unobtrusive patterns.

Gentle dyes, organic fabrics, and simple weaves make for an eco-friendly approach to dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

These face masks insulate the wearer from dust particles and several microorganisms, making them an essential investment in the wake of the coronavirus.

Breathing through these reusable face masks is easy and effortless, and these masks can be washed and worn again just like regular outfits. We encourage you to wash your Crow face mask after every single use.

Apart from being environmentally sustainable, a variety of outfits can be paired with the pastel colours, earthy tones, and subtle prints of these face masks.

Common disclaimer:

Face masks sold on Crow are made from organic fabrics and handwoven textiles.

These masks are not a replacement for N95 face masks. These face masks are meant to be used by the general public for safety against COVID-19 as recommended by the Indian Government and WHO.