Stoles & Shawls

When the ancient Romans invented scarves, they did so from a completely utilitarian point of view; as sweat clothes to look and feel fresh in the summers. The Croatians adopted scarves to symbolize victory, while the French used them to symbolize rank.

We look to scarves and stoles to make memorable fashion statements, that are as eco-sensitive, as they're beautiful. We believe in using scarves from time to time, as functional accents to our understated garments.

Our scarves and stoles channel a sophisticated timelessness, in keeping with our minimalistic feminine design philosophy. The colors take inspiration from and mimic the most desirable hues of natureMerino wool fabric has a luxurious texture with a breathable weave. It has amicable properties that keep you warm in the cold days of winter. Hand-dyed in a chemical-free process, this fabric will keep your skin away from allergies and skin reactions.