About us

Crow is a contemporary Indian brand, founded in 2011 by Shaila Khubchandani. It is a reflection of functionality, hope for the environment, and inclusive communities. The brand is an amalgamation of traditional and modern sensibility. Conventional techniques are employed to create modern relaxed silhouettes. crow harnesses the craftsmanship and knowledge of the artisan and translates it into wearable, artistic, and meaningful clothing. Each garment is a culmination of an empathetic partnership between designer, artisan, and "karigar". The textiles used are of utmost significance and are crafted in different parts of India. The brand attempts to add a touch of luxury and ignite a perception of exquisite beauty towards the traditional cotton fabrics.

Our objective has always been to design clothing that gives extra comfort and ease using our finest quality of handwoven textiles, designed in harmony with nature.