The art of organization, planning, and strategising is best learned from Jessica Comingore. Growing up in the lively city of Los Angeles, Jessica is the founder and creative director of a branding studio named Marbury. With a strong passion for communicating various aspects of art through mediums like logo design, art direction, packaging designs, and everything in between, Jessica has built a visual identity around brand building and strengthening. 

She expresses her love for bridging the gap between design and strategy, using the two together to successfully create a vision that comes alive in the form of booming brands. Jessica’s creativity is divinely aligned with a rationale that helps blend design and business into a seamless conception, a perfect mix of using the left and right sides of the brain. 

Currently, she lives in Portland with her husband. Residing just a few blocks away from the beautiful Willamette River, nature is one of Jessica’s inspirations. Her admiration of a body of water goes hand-in-hand with the bliss of watching seasons change. She enjoys a good meal accompanied by encouraging conversations with people of different cultures and backgrounds, learning more about the diversity that surrounds us every day. Her interest in nature and people have one thing in common - a passion for observation. Jessica appreciates watching leaves turn yellow during autumn, as much as she enjoys learning about people and taking back snippets of unique information through observation and understanding. 

We’re delighted to share some of Jessica’s favorite spots and artists from around the world, spreading our shared love for travel and art through sincere recommendations. 

  • Copenhagen, Denmark: A trip with her sisters in 2018 led to a lifetime of memories revolving around beautiful walks, satisfying dinners with wine, and an inspiring environment of art and design with the ever-stunning lakes of Denmark. 

  • Adana, Los Angeles: A restaurant that specializes in American-Armenian food, Jessica misses a glorious feast at one of her most loved spots in Los Angeles. Her recommendations include the dolmeh, the kashk-e-bademjan, the koobideh kabab, and the avocado salad for a delicious treat. 

  • Sea Ranch, Sonoma County, California: Embellished with beautiful murals of Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, the sea ranch in California is known as a gem for architecture. The sea ranch serves up an excellent visual with history to get the essence of iconic mid-century Californian architecture. 

  • The Alhambra in Granada, Spain: The Islamic architecture surrounding this fortress earned Jessica’s special liking, proving to be one of Spain’s most beloved tourist attractions. The palace also houses ancient roman fortifications, marking a rich history. 

  • Pandería Rosetta Bakery, Mexico: An accidental discovery on her trip to Mexico City in 2017, Jessica adores the cardamom rolls that are freshly baked here. During her journey, she and her husband ended up going to the bakery every morning and stocked up on delicious warm goodies. 

  • Satsuki Shibuya: A dear friend of Jessica, Shibuya is an artist who paints and writes poetry centering around spirituality and identity. Her art serves as a catalyst for the discovery of identity and meaning. 

  • Refuge by Devendra Banhart & Noah Georgeson: One of her favorite albums, Jessica enjoys music that touches the soul through instrumental notes that relax the body and mind. Currently, on a daily loop, Refuge is a calming compilation to end a tiring day. 

  • Her Great-Grandma’s Cooking: A Sephardic family that indulges in the depths of delicious Mediterranean meals, Jessica adores her great grandma’s spinach bourekas. 

  • David Sedaris: A best-selling author who incorporates elements of truth and humor within his work, Jessica seeks his books for a light-hearted analysis of the world through the lens of playful banter. 

A combination of art and business strategy that results in a visually appealing identity of the brand, Jessica Comingore builds brand confidence, character, and charisma through her expertise in planning and design. Marbury hones the idea of a holistic approach, with a team of brilliant designers led by Jessica through her immense knowledge and experience in the lifestyle industry.