With an aim to invest in the future of people through a foundation that never ceases to fail us, the National Forest Foundation was built to preserve and protect America’s most incredible grasslands and forests. Through the power of the people and the community, National Forest Foundation has carried out successful campaigns that have positively uplifted the environment through restoration and sustainability.

Their programs are community-based, engaging Americans to get involved in a fulfilling journey of forest missions that not only strengthen the health of the public but also encourage a lifestyle that tackles climate change and the deforestation that terrorizes the land. The national forest system has slowly been built up to a marvellous 193 million acres, with spreads of land embellished with tall green trees, creating a canopy of a happier and safer environment. 

One of their many missions includes uniting through peaceful agreements. With numerous conversations carried out over the years about different policy implementations, the national forest foundation aims to bring people together over the shared interest of preserving the planet. The US forest service manages tours for visitors who fund the restoration as well as indirectly contribute to local communities engaging in their livelihood through increased job creation. A boon to the planet and the people, the national forest foundation covers all grounds in terms of protection and empowerment. 

The spill-over effects of preserving America’s most remarkable forests are visible in every household. From clean water, fresher air, lower pollution, and overall better quality of life, the impacts of trees and their benefits to communities are innumerable. Through the bigger picture, the forests preserved have significantly helped lower carbon levels in the atmosphere, tackling climate change in the best way possible. 

They appreciate all the help they can get, welcoming enthusiasm to save the forests with open arms. Through donations, no matter how big or small, the foundation strengthens its ability to preserve forests. Not only contribute to a greener environment, but your donations also help uplift nature by providing a safe space for wildlife to thrive. Living in harmony with the environment has to become simultaneous through an unconscious practice, harbouring life on this beautiful planet while conserving it with care.